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dent, the U.S. political system was sub▓verted to be a payoff to major contributors (www.huffingtonp


August 3, 2015). The role money played ▓in politics was also indicated in the U.S. President's State

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on Address for 2016, which said a handful of fami▓lies and hidden interests were exercising influence

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on elections via their funds.Clan politics was driving U.S. government elections. Among the candidates for the 2016 presidential election, more than one candidate was obviously related ▓to clan politics. The New York Times concluded through big data an

  • active corporations received 760 U.S. dollars from the government (www.zerohed▓ge.com, March 16
  • , 2015). Jimmy Carter said that with▓ unlimited political bribery bei
  • ng the ess▓ence of getting the nominations for president or b

alysis that advantages from father generation played a role in politics obviously. The chance for the

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